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Online Christmas Shopping

Never did I imagine I would sit at home, and shop online for Christmas presents. Unless I was sick or older, I believed I would be among the many that rushed around shoving toys aside to find that this store was sold out of what I really wanted. Should I buy what was on the shelf, in hopes of finding what I really wanted at the next store? Then, I would envision being one in a million waiting in line to return a bunch of toys, slippers, and clothes.

The thrill was in the hunt. Driving back and forth to the same stores over and over, getting more and more. Getting home, hauling everything in and shoving tons of bags as far back in my closet. Then covering it all with quilts and blankets. So exhausted, but satisfied that I had conquered my list. 

Then this year, I looked around and realized that some of the stores I enjoyed shopping in where not really in the Christmas spirit. Maybe there are not as many decorations? Or Christmas music is only playing in certain areas? I felt let down. I pictured the employees waiting, anxiously, so they could drag it all away and hurriedly throw out Valentine stuff.

So, my husband mentioned that he was looking online at Target and filling his cart. So……..I thought why not! I made some coffee. I turned on Christmas music and I started SHOPPING!!

I’m in the holiday spirit. I have a stack of Christmas cards that need addressing. I’m safe at home. I’m warm and cozy. I’m liking this online Christmas shopping!

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