If I had time…

Last week I watched the movie, About Time, with my daughter. We both like Rachel McAdams acting and presence in a movie. I was able to find it at our local library and we made it a girls night, watching,eating,snacking,hanging out.

With any movie we watch together, we seem to really discuss the positive and negative, how well they seemed to embrace the character they are portraying, if we would handle the situation the way they did, and if it was an A, B, or C, movie.

When I write about movies and books, I try not to say too much about them just in case you have not seen or read them. About Time touched me. I never thought about changing my life, but I did see myself taking time to go and hug the one’s I love. Not just hugging, but seeing them. Really seeing them, like looking in to their eyes, sitting, listening to their voices, seeing them smile, and hearing their laughter.

If I caught myself telling them hold on a minute or I can not be with you right now, then I could fix this. There would be no way that I could repair damage done during arguments other than realizing that sometimes fights start because we all get busy, so consumed with daily life and what we really want is time well spent together and a bit of time for one’s self thrown in there somewhere. This story really seemed to take us on a loving, strong-knit family journey. This journey is what we hold close to our hearts, slowing down as we get older, to be able to laugh, cry, and smile over the beautiful memories we have had with those we love.

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