No letter,Something Better

Patiently, I look in to the mail box every single day praying I will find a letter from our son who is becoming a Marine. No letter. No worries. He is working so hard. No letter. No matter. No letter.

Yesterday, no letter, but something better. Something that really touched my heart. We received a postcard that said our son had chose an engraved surprise for us! Whether it is for myself, or my husband, it did not matter. It brought happy, stinging tears to my eyes. Our son is growing up. He may just be still 18, but he is following his path he picked out for his life. He is not taking from us, he is giving to us. In giving, I mean giving to his family, friends, his country.

Whatever he had made, is to be worn on his Graduation Day! The day we will see our son become a Marine. Seeing all of them march in, watching them graduate, seeing him hug his new brothers. As he looks for us, we will make our way to him and receive something better than the hope of a letter. Our son, our Marine, a great big hug!

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