Any bird watchers or experts out there?? Help Me!

Help a city girl who’s trying to be a country girl out!!!       

Our last home we lived in was abundant with birds. Cardinals blue jays, and robins had their nests right past the feeders in the trees that lined our backyard. We had a field behind us that had plenty of deer, coyote, and turkey. I thoroughly enjoyed feeding them, watching them as I drank coffee, and pulling up the step stool so the grandbabies could watch them, too. 

This quaint little home we live in now, sits off the road on a state road and has woods in the back. At first, my husband spread bird seed on our small back deck and steps and sat the bird feeder on the railing. I could not see the feeder unless I opened the door and looked out the screen door. Of course, with winter, it is too cool to have the big door open and the noise scares any birds away. (If there were any!) The seeds were not going down, either.

Then my husband placed a small light blue wind chime outside my window in a little tree, (to remind me of my brother who passed) and I placed the bird feeder beside it. What I need help with is, Do any of you BIRD EXPERTS think that the little chimes keep the cardinals and blue jays away? I have one small family of finch out there in the morning, but I never see bigger birds. 

How would you suggest I attract more birds? I know it is winter here in Tennessee, but I should still be seeing cardinals and blue jays, correct? 

Any help and suggestions would be most appreciated!!!!!

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