First Time to Hug a Marine

Just a short amount of days and my husband and I will be spending Family Day with our son. This will be the very first time for me to hug a Marine. Our Marine. Your Marine. 

 Encouragement, prayers, and many letters have traveled the distance back and forth, from him to us. He writes with pride, strength, and determination in himself. He says he is hungry and tired, with blisters on his feet, healed from bronchitis and pneumonia, coming through Basic Warrior Training, and heading in to the Crucible. He ends his letters with a promise that he is always praying for each one of us.

A small stapled packet of numbers lay on our desk and I received great satisfaction today as I ripped off another day till I see him. Soon our candle will be lit, and our porch light burning!

Our letters have been filled with bible verses, how proud we are of him, and what we are doing each day. I end each letter telling him, “You are strong. You are smart. You are determined. You are on the path you chose. You are following the direction the Lord lead you on.”

Soon he will be standing with his brothers, tears streaming down their faces……Soon they will be protecting us. Soon we will be hugging a Marine. 

Our prayers have been going strong and they will continue on for each and every one of them forever. As he would say, TO INFINITY AND BEYOND…………..

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