Blessings Surrounding Him

All around our son and his recruit brothers and sisters, are blessings! They have been wrapped continually in prayer since they began the Crucible Monday morning at 2 in the a.m. They are battling cold, wet weather. Barely eating. Barely sleeping. These young men and women have dedicated their lives to protect us! Stop and say a prayer for them. Now. Reread what I just said. They are battling to become Marines to protect people they have never met. They are beyond amazing and they deserve our utmost respect, support, and prayer.

What I believe is wonderful, is most of us have been taught to always pray for those who have been battling for us. Let’s continue to pray always, write letters of encouragement, and if not already doing this, walk up to someone in uniform and truly thank them for their dedication to their country.

Our son and his recruit brothers and sister have this! And each and every one after, too! Semper Fi!

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