Looking forward to Florida Seafood

Traveling to Florida soon, has got us craving the smell of the ocean, the fish markets, and good ole Florida seafood.

We lived a hop, skip, and a jump from all the beautiful beaches and we were brown and warm. We ate good! The markets were awesome to visit and see all the boats “hanging around” for repair, and stop in for a grouper sandwich.

We loved to fish from the Skyway Bridge and I remember one time being so bummed, actually mad, that I missed seeing the huge shark that everyone was going on and on about. I had turned my head right as they saw it, and as I looked and they turned their heads, I got to see a sea turtle the size of a volkswagon bug swim beautifully by. Though we enjoyed the fishing, it was not about bringing any home, but having the experience to see sea creatures. I remember our son caught a blowfish one time. Wow, what fun for him, his sisters, and us because we watched Spongebob every single day and we got to see Mrs. Puff up close.

We still loved to eat at Red Lobster and it was one of the best we have ever experienced. But each Mom & Pop restaurant that served seafood, smelled so awesome, the food melted in your mouth……..

But sometimes we would just go to the beach with a picnic, swim for hours,then stop at the fish market and bring home shrimp. We would make shrimp scampi and not make a big deal of it.

We rinsed and peeled the shrimp. Then we took out our huge skillet and melted half a stick of butter and sprinkled in plenty of garlic salt,poured in the shrimp and cooked them for a few minutes and then put them in our mouths, savoring all the garlicky meat, till our teeth reached the tail. Oh My……..

This trip our cooler is ready. We will be in the Orlando area and have picked a market to stop at and fill that cooler up! We recently purchased a freezer and stocked it with whole chickens, chicken breasts, bacon, tenderloins, and huge logs of colby cheese. All from a wholesale market in the Nashville, TN area.

My husband was not sure we could squeeze another thing in there, but believe you me, I will wiggle my nose, and some how get seafood in there.

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