Movie Review


Avengers:Age of Ultron

My husband and I went to see this movie with our son while we vacationed with him in Orlando. He mentioned a few times in our few days together that we should go see the newest Avengers movie. He had gone off base and saw it one time. So we decided to see it again with him.

Even though I have seen each one, I still do not have, and will not ever have the memory that our son has for each character and each line. He and his older sister, our youngest daughter have these amazing memories. They memorize each line, songs, names, and scenes. I get all the movies mixed up and forget who is who!

Lucky for me, there is this green hulk that I love, Iron Man, Captain America and his nice strong sculpted, ugh, shield 🙂 handsome Thor and clever, pretty, Natasha. Plus, I have always loved to see my son and husband enjoy very buttery, very salty popcorn. The constant action makes me want to leap, climb, run, and fly high slaying evil and protecting the world.

I am curious to see how far in to the future I will be found sitting beside my boys watching a movie about comic book heros? I think they can go on forever.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, but I think I was more excited to leave the theater and have my son tell me all about the movie, all over again. That did not happen. He highly recommended this movie to all that have faithfully went to each one.

Why didn’t he recap each scene I worried? Why was he quiet on this visit? Well. He’s tired. He’s a Marine. 🙂

So, go and relax, enjoy the previews, eat popcorn,and maybe leave a comment for me. Recap a little for me like he would.

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