Movie Review:I do not really review


Still Alice

Opening up each and every line and path in a movie or book, I do not do. I never want to place my negative or positive thoughts too strongly in view. The words you read or the lines you hear, the scenes you see on screen or imagine in your head are yours. I just never want to spoil any one’s fun or grief.

But,my. Still Alice.  Motivated, touched, sad, then peaceful.  When Alice noticed that she was forgetting simple tasks for her every second, well planned out, (hectic for most of us) day, she dissected her age and relation to menopause, and then she sought out medical help immediately. This motivated me to realize my age and why I walk in to a room and right away forget why I went to the kitchen. I backtrack and reenter the kitchen and thankfully remember why I went there in the first place. Now, I am even more motivated to check my colornote on my phone and index cards on the bathroom mirror and the notepad I keep daily in my purse.

was so touched by her family. They supported and loved her. But they also continued on in their own lives. They let her stay strong, continue working and making daily decisions. The one person that would seem less likely to help, stepped up and readjusted the future for awhile. John reassured her that they were getting old together and left her to know he loved her and needed her. .But, realistically, he moved on also.

At peace, because she was remembering her childhood, her sister , her parents, all of them younger,laughing and happy. A butterflies beautiful life, which you will have to watch the movie to understand. Tragedy. 

Then, fading. Alone. Even though wrapped in her families love, really she was alone. She regressed at  rapid speed. Not to toddler stage. Not to infancy. To Alice? Was she still Alice? Her family saw her as the Alice she had presented to them as they grew older together. Alice, as she developed her own hopes and dreams. Alice, who loved each one of her family members, encouraging them to push themselves to unknown limits. Alice, who pushed and did not return.

I went to the library and left with the book… If allowed to keep my memories, my future thoughts, may I be continually thankful.

2 thoughts on “Movie Review:I do not really review

  1. Last night, while alone, I watched the movie Still Alice. My husband and children felt uncomfortable with the topic. You see, 9 years ago my father died of complications related to Alzheimer’s disease. His mother, my grandmother, also died as a victim of Alzheimer’s. So, of course, I keep this mean disease on my personal radar. I found Still Alice to be inspiring. The main character taught me the importance of being in the moment and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Tears flowed down my face as I watched her struggle with her mental deterioration; grateful that I have people who genuinely care about my well-being. Life is a precious gift; time passes so quickly, take lots and lots of pictures, and don’t forget to create unforgettable memories.
    Thank you for your post.


    1. I’m very sorry to hear of your father and grandmother struggling through this disease and the pain you felt as you had to watch this happen. I saw this in the movie and am reading how the family worried they might have it, John did not want to accept it, and Lydia wanted to go on with her life and show her mom her accomplishments and her love, as really, they all did before Alzheimer’s took her memory.

      I agree. Very inspiring! I have four grown children and nine, almost ten grandbabies. I am 47 and I have always enjoyed playing and laughing and being involved with each other. I imagined developing Alzheimer’s at my age, and right away started pulling in memories of giving birth, driving them to school, going to the beach, etc…. I always thought of getting older as sitting on the porch in a rocking chair watching the family get together and recalling special memories. We don’t know the future, but I am in love with my family and pray we all support each other in whatever might unfold. Yes, we all need to enjoy each moment!

      Have a beautiful day, Kelley! Jennifer 🙂


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