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Don’t Smell the Wildflowers

Aroma,hmmmm,rich and deep! Picked by a man that is so sweet. But seriously, I need to stop sticking my nose in so many times and smelling their beautiful fragrance. I coughed almost all night long. One of the blooms that is kind of lavender in color and looks like a hundred little bells hanging down… Continue reading Don’t Smell the Wildflowers

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a flowers brief stay

fireflies in a jar memories stored in a star moon shining bright at night bats taking their silent flight nature as our bed grass gently under our head dreams shrouding our mind with ease waking to sounds of the morning breeze eating the makings of sweet cake fish jumping lazily from the lake swiping off… Continue reading a flowers brief stay


What’s For Breakfast?!

Sugar Snap Peas and AsparagusThe recipe is simple. The flavors are awesome! Tear ends of snap peas,get rid of any strings. Cut ends off asparagus and cut in half or 1/3’s. Get a skillet hot,olive oil in the bottom. Add snap peas,asparagus,a touch of kosher salt and red chili pepper flakes. Sautee’ for 5 to… Continue reading What’s For Breakfast?!


Home Grown Cilantro

The Cilantro on my corn?? Hand-Picked right out our backdoor! Oh my! When I water our plants and flowers, the scent of cilantro wafts up all around me! The other day was “Camp Ohana” we created for our grandchildren. We played outside in the pool and huge sand area. We enjoyed picnic food. We watched… Continue reading Home Grown Cilantro


The reactions.. show ownership of your work! 

Originally posted on maddenedread:
Titles.. indent…. interpret those passages YOUR way! So for tonight’s class.. we are going to own our ideas.  And share them with confidence and forethought.  Observations in Kerouac’s novel, Dean’s impact on Sal and Sal’s on Dean, among much else.. what do we have in this book?  And what does Kerouac…


3 double chain 2 singles Please and Thank You

The genealogy search for my mom’s side of the family is slowly growing.  My great-grandmother, my mom’s Mamaw, Lilly or Lillie, or Liley, (spelling is different at times), I believe I just found her tomb, thanks to Find A Grave, is the one that crocheted this doily. It is the only one left from her… Continue reading 3 double chain 2 singles Please and Thank You