My SuperPower

Woman’s World May 11, 2015 Page 47

In this issue of Woman’s World, I enjoyed this page. I read each If You…and purposefully, did not glance over to see what superpower I was. When I take these little tests, I am tempted to glance over and create a whole new me that I think others would accept better. I might have a stronger personality than other women, :), and I might be a bit intimidating. But, I am so thankful that my children and husband love me, for me. As I read the If you…that seemed to fit me, I was encouraged, uplifted. Happy. As a momma of grown children, I secretly wish that I could go back in time and be with them all over again. I am not saying I would want to change how I am, but maybe I could not wash the dishes, not fold the clothes, not sweep and mop until they were in bed. Maybe, I could sit down and watch them grow up all around me. See how they step in to their  own SuperPowers!

I am one Fierce Momma! As told to me by our youngest daughter who is 20 and raising her own two little one’s. She gave this to me in my recent Mother’s Day card she handmade for me. She drew Sher Khan as me. I was so touched. Which I am very sure makes a few of you mommy’s shudder. I did not rip them apart when they did something wrong, but I did kind of roar at times. I wanted them to make good decisions on their own if they had to. I wanted them to get up and brush off the dirt and go forward. I knew they would not always be right by my side where I could protect them, so I wanted them to be strong, cautious, and independent when needed. I worried about them and constantly prayed for them.  I still pray for them every day and each time I wake up through the night, (which is a lot because I am either too hot or freezing) (Menopause? I do not know, and can not take time to wonder about that!). Prayers for safety, yes, but now, I pray for their happiness in life. I hope I taught them enough to stand up for what they want and to go after it! To be fierce when needed and to be loving and hug and kiss and pray.

My If You…read-If you urge your kids to take smart risks and test themselves-Believe that raising independent children is your ultimate aim-Your superpower is COURAGE! I was sure I would read-Worry Wart! I gave them my love,prayers,encouragement,discipline,direction,fun,quality time together,I lost my temper at times, I roared so to say,I laughed,I cried. But I was always, and hope to always, be there pushing them, seeing them moving forward. Showing courage, even though the older I get, my superpower of courage may get weak, I will get up, shake it off, and still do my best.

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