Hair Ribbons

wpid-20150610_082514.jpgHair ribbons? Yes. Hair ribbons weaved in to a homemade pillow. About 43 year’s old and just beautiful. It makes me smile. I used to keep it in a little rocking chair with stuffed giraffes until I began to have grandbabies old enough to get in to everything. Not wanting it damaged, I placed it in my hope chest, that I will display later, with my children’s old baby blankets.

When I was around 4,I received, what I believe ,would be considered a shag haircut. So the ribbons were no longer needed and by the time I had very long hair, I was much older and would not have worn them.

This was a wonderful way to protect the ribbon, as it would fray at the ends and be useless. I am proud of my mother for so creatively preserving a part of my childhood! Thank you for keeping some of my precious memories safe.

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