A Dilly


Actually,a Dillingham Bluebird cedar chest. Vintage, the 1940’s, I am assuming. My husband purchased this beauty at an auction right here in beautiful Tennessee. Premier Auction is quite impressive. If you have not gone to an auction before, choose one locally,and go as early as possible so you can browse.

And when I say browse, I mean pick out what you want!!! And then act like you are not interested. Heehee! I walk all around like I don’t care, then I walk over to my handsome husband and we are so in-tune that he knows exactly what I want. And he gets this look of determination, this “Get lost men. My wife wants this and I am getting it for her”.

In my blog yesterday, about my special hair ribbon pillow, I said that I would talk about the cedar chest, or hope chest that I keep very special items in. I have four children and have always kept their baby blankets and a couple of dresses for them from childhood. Well,not for our Marine! He has an handsome white infant one piece that was his dad’s and then his blankets are still in there. Since he will always be on the go and stationed all over the world, I am happy to have the perfect place for his special blankets and outfit that he can pass on when he has his own little one’s.

The picture here of my hope chest is empty just so that you can see how much room it has. When the lid is closed, I can sit on it comfortably and read. The design is Waterfall. In the future, we would like to pad the top with a nice pillow the length and width of the chest, and place it under a window.

Hope chest was young ladies hoping to fill the chest with newlywed linen…quilts,clothes,books,household items……

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