Movie Review:BIG Eyes

This movie strongly touched me. I had seen a painting of hers, but did not realize how it came to be. I need to watch this movie again. I believe I spotted the true artist, Margaret Keane twice in the movie. I was surprised, curious,and excited when my husband said Tim Burton directed it.

She inspired many through big eyes. Sorrowful children’s eyes. Helping us to remember back to what our eyes witnessed at a young age.

The drive. The same eye’s, yet each time a different memory, the vision she kept alive.

Motivating. I can not draw, sketch or paint, but wanted to see myself passionately writing.

Humbling. The period she drew and believing a woman artist would not be as warmly received as a man.

Aggravating. Watching her grow in stardom, but her husband stealing the fame.

Vengeance. When she stole her talent back and the sweet reward of freedom. Freedom from the guilt of tricking the world.

Amy Adams gave a superb performance. She showed emotion in her own eyes. I was intrigued enough to read Margaret Keane’s biography, noting that when she moved to Hawaii, her paintings became happier.

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