Prayer Warriors

As Father Patrick Peyton once said, “A family that prays together, stays together”, and “A world at prayer is a world at peace”. Let us teach our children to pray. This is something that they can do wherever and whenever. Silently through their day away from us. Quietly through the night if they wake before us.Featured image

Prayer Works! I am a firm believer in prayer. I am not shy to say to a complete stranger that is hurting that I will say a special prayer for them that day. I am not free of stress. I am still weak and have plenty of moments of breaking down and crying. I am human and an emotional woman sometimes. I will not say I do not worry and get sick from stress at times.

But each morning and each night my husband and I get on our knees and earnestly pray for our children, our parents, our entire family, our friends, and finally ourselves, that we stay strong in prayer for our families. Strong as a happy, married, couple.

When one prayer is answered, usually in a way much better than what I could imagine, we thank the Lord up above. Then my brain presents the next problem in line and worry begins to creep in. I try to solve it and breathe and function then I call my best friend (yes, my husband, :)^ )and we pray together over the phone. It is so important to have someone in your life that you can talk with about the struggles of everyday and the heartache each of us have at some point in life.

A Prayer Warrior is wonderful to have. My oldest prayer warrior and a very good friend recently passed away. I cried so hard and for so long. I felt lost in the mornings. She was a client of mine and I saw her every morning, Monday through Friday, four years in a row. I was so upset that I did not have her daily prayers. Then one day, crying and trying to drive with the sun in my eyes, I smiled and realized that I still had her prayers. We have people praying for us each day even when they are not walking on this earth. 

Maybe one of the most wonderful words to hear are little children when we finish a prayer and are beginning to pick up our forks and they still have their hands in their laps and they yell out Amen! Not in a shy way, but out loud, not worrying who hears them. I love when my children call to say that they have been in nightly prayer and one was answered.

Prayer has been taught to my husband and I by our parents. Not sure how many generations it goes back. Prayer has always been taught in our house and may it continue generation to generation. 

3 thoughts on “Prayer Warriors

  1. Good evening,
    I loved your post about prayer! In the 21st Century it appears that those who believe in Higher Power are crazy. Not so. Prayer works. Repeatedly God’s Word the Bible tells us to pray incessantly and to persevere in prayer. A heart and mind that searches for guidance, direction and hope is beautiful. No doubt, this form of communication has been a major factor in your happy marriage. Keep praying and may you and your family be richly blessed.

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    1. Oh, Amen, Kelley! I tell my children and grandchildren, family and complete strangers that they can pray any time they want,day or night. To themselves. Out loud. I tell them I will be praying for them. I was raised in a house where we prayed before meals,after morning devotions,before bed and we taught our children the same way expecting them to pass this down to their children and so forth. Pray is a blessing and I am thankful I can talk to Him about anything. Anythime! May the Lord richly bless you and your family also 🙂

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