Cool Cooler Bag

This beautiful giraffe patterned wine cooler bag was purchased on a trip home from Gatlinburg,TN.  I fell hard for it. I walked all around the store with it on my shoulder, wishing it was mine. I decided it was frivolous, and not needed, and I placed it back on the hook. I stepped in to the wine tasting area where my husband was and we sampled two wines, purchased one, and began to leave the store. The trip home was still a fair distance, so I visited the ladies room and met him in the parking lot. Resting in the seat beside me was my bag!

Affectionately, the bag is now called our day trip bag. To parks and sightseeing excurcions, it has not held wine once, but crackers & cheese, tuna sandwiches, watermelon slices, pickles, banana pepper rings, boiled eggs. Excited to explore with it, thrilled he secretly bought it!wpid-20150612_1731161.jpg

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