Today’s Library Pick

wpid-20150617_161515.jpgI love, love, love to go to the library and go straight to the book I want. Like Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth or MockingJay by Suzanne Collins. Two books that I really wanted Monday night when the library was closed. Today was the first moment I had to race in there. No. They were checked out. I was tired, relaxed, and ready to grab them and go. So, I got excited to do my old standby. Quickly walk down the aisles and pick out a book by looking at the binding! These are what I chose. Now I just need extra hours in the day!

4 thoughts on “Today’s Library Pick

  1. I find it really hard to rush into the library and grab a book. It takes me a very long time to find something that appeals to me lol You’d think with all the choices, I’d find something. Guess I’m just picky. Hope you enjoy your choices.

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    1. LOL I completely understand! I have raised my four babies, but am still working and helping watch some of our grandbabies. So right after or before work I rush in with some title in mind. Our library is small, so they usually have to put me on the waiting list. That is why I started grabbing books quickly as they caught my eye as I walked quickly down the aisles!!! Thank you! I think I might like The Reluctant Midwife…


  2. Good afternoon,
    Thanks for the suggested reading. Currently, I am reading the controversial book The Shack by William Paul Young. Up next is The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson. I love drinking mint tea and reading a good book. Enjoy your grandchildren and take lots of pictures of them; time passes very quickly.

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    1. Good Monday Morning Kelley! I almost rented The Shack but held off again. I tried to read it once before, but I was not sure I could get through some parts. Thank you for mentioning The Warmth of Other Suns! I am always eager,excited to sit down with a great book. Mint tea 🙂 Yes, taking lots of pics and playing,laughing,hugging the grandbabies all the time! Time flies……..


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