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Farmer’s Market-What Fun!

Just went to take a bit of a drive,by-passing the Lebanon,TN Square that is getting a fresh beautiful look. I remembered the Farmer’s Market was just down the street, on the left. My mouth was watering and I pictured myself with a juicy tomato in each hand. The first table stopped my mom and I, and we filled our bags while making small talk with one of the owners at the market. Her farm is located in Laguardo,TN. As I was pulling out, I glanced to see her truck. Gray’s Farm Laguardo,TN How would I like to be growing our own vegetables and bringing them to a local market so other’s could drool over them?! wpid-20150622_114840.jpgDo you own your own farm, or know someone that does, that sells their vegetables and fruits at a farmer’s market? Is it a tradition that has been passed down through generations in your family? Do you share, or does someone share, their veggies with you, or a nearby neighbor? Just wondering…:)

2 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market-What Fun!

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