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Father’s Day

wpid-20150621_184407.jpgWhat better way to have spent Father’s Day than to feed them! I cooked cube steak slowly in the oven all day with cream of celery,sliced mushrooms,sliced garlic,whole milk, and pepper. Then I slowly cooked frozen (should have bought fresh)green beans,red potatoes,and onions together. Grands biscuits (I can not for anything make a biscuit rise higher than half an inch!)went in the oven last and the smells all mingled so nicely.

But really the laughter,conversation, the smiles and the thank you’s for this wonderful meal reminded me how truly blessed I am. My dad is 77,my husband 47,(he would say about now that I am 3 months older than him),and we spent a Great Father’s Day happily together.

To be fair! They both had just been goofing off and making funny faces and I made them behave,calm down, and smile for the camera!

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