3 double chain 2 singles Please and Thank You


The genealogy search for my mom’s side of the family is slowly growing.  My great-grandmother, my mom’s Mamaw, Lilly or Lillie, or Liley, (spelling is different at times), I believe I just found her tomb, thanks to Find A Grave, is the one that crocheted this doily. It is the only one left from her large collection. They ranged from this size, about the size of a dinner plate,to large enough to cover the back of a couch. This particular one was the darkest and the smallest that she made.

I am also working on silver,cut glass,and any other dishes we have in the house to help put their story together. My mom is the only living person from this limb that I know of.

Going in circles, a very simple pattern, 3 double chain 2 singles…….as told to me by mom….I have not learned to crochet, so I assume this is correct. This beautiful handmade piece sits on our drop leaf table with an antique lamp on it.

She was born in 1878. 5 daughters,5 husbands,9 siblings….This doily is around 100 to 115 years old.  This is an ongoing story I am trying to piece together through Confusing and enjoyable at the same time.

After her husbands passed away, she rented out her home to men only (they were less trouble than women). They had a room,and a home cooked meal each night. They had to get up and OUT of the house in the morning and not return till close to supper. The men that were in the house were not allowed to come and go all hours of the night. The one’s in the “bunkhouse” as she called the redone garage were allowed to come and go. Maybe they worked nights. No one. Not one man misbehaved. They were dealt with by her nephew and uncle. She never had one problem. From what my mom can remember she was not a woman to be messed with. She so loved her family, but her rules were to be obeyed by these men. I am proud of her for making ends meet this way.

Her cooking was tremendous! I am most anxious to learn more of what she made. She died when my mom was 10, so I may not be able to collect too many recipes. She is mother to my great Aunt Grace. I wrote about her in one of my earlier blogs and I believe it was titled, The Worst Cook! Aunt Grace was an amazingly sweet woman and she fiercely loved her momma,but she could not cook!

Eventually, I would like to take a trip to Indianapolis and go in to some of the consignment shops and Goodwills,search for a doily! Take pictures of some graves and share them with you, as I have this little bit of crocheting.

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