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Don’t Smell the Wildflowers

wpid-20150628_104955.jpgAroma,hmmmm,rich and deep! Picked by a man that is so sweet.

But seriously, I need to stop sticking my nose in so many times and smelling their beautiful fragrance. I coughed almost all night long. One of the blooms that is kind of lavender in color and looks like a hundred little bells hanging down smells so much like one of my favorites-lilac! 

We have Queen Anne’s Lace and then another lacy type that is as big as a salad plate and so white,expensive and old looking. We have an orange wild one that since I was little I have called Foxglove. But after trying to look it up, I am not so sure now. There are black eyed susans and tiny little daisy’s. Tall,very tall purple blooms…I had such a great time cutting and arranging.

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