For Hire or Trade:Gravesite Visits

The tombstones,  I am really drawn. I find them restful and peaceful. No harm meant with these words. I thoroughly enjoy visiting cemeteries. I breathe more calmly. I feel my whole being relax and all stress from this world clear out of my body. I truly enjoy reading what is inscribed on the stones. I… Continue reading For Hire or Trade:Gravesite Visits

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Summer:Barns and Farmhouses too

This is our dream farm! Yes. This is true. Lovingly correct. If you see this my love, I want to grow old with you here,too.  Jen   Hard to see the aged beauty of this place from all the summer growth. A love story:The scene-Winter Time-A couple, man and wife, barely able to walk, can not… Continue reading Summer:Barns and Farmhouses too


Sometimes Something looks Ugly on the outside

Pick out the ugliest looking watermelon. I have followed this way of picking fruit since I was little. To me, it seemed the more beat up, uglier one, was the sweetest, juiciest, and prettiest inside. This watermelon was not so ugly on the outside and to my surprise, not so ugly on the inside. It… Continue reading Sometimes Something looks Ugly on the outside