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Tarnished Beauties

Thrown under the sink,these tarnished beauties from a couple to a few generations ago,wondered if I had forget them forever. imageI still have the smaller spoons and forks to work on. They were the utensils my mom fed my older brother and I with. As I cleaned them, I felt bad that I had left them neglected for so long. My family used these at family meals where people actually gathered at the table to eat together. We were raised at the table and for the most part raised our children this way,asking about their day,laughing,talking. We have slipped more in to paper plates and watching a movie on the couch or in our room. On special occasions, I pull out the family china that all four of our kids love and we scrunch in around the table.

Since I have really been searching on and, I wish I could go back in time and watch my past generation serve food with these treasures. Watch their hands pass around platters of food,lifting the meat fork with fresh chicken or pork right from their farm,dipping out potatoes and carrots with the big serving spoon,using the sugar spoon to sweeten their tea….listen to them laugh,argue,hear what their dreams were…

One sugar spoon has the initials B.G. engraved on it. Me being such a curious person,this has drove me about crazy. The initials do not seem to “belong” on our family tree at all. I am aware there are some mysteries along the family roots that the family tried very hard to keep concealed, but I am working diligently to dig them up! Maybe I will be able to write about the solving of the initials one day. Featured image

I am searching for a pretty lace tablecloth at Goodwill and the Community Center,then I will dress it up with our special china,our families old cut glass,and our slightly tarnished beauties from old. Then our dearly departed loved ones can watch from afar as we pray,laugh,and eat.

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