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Topsail Seafood Market – North Carolina’s Finest Catch!

About 7 months ago we purchased a standup freezer. We know if we keep it very full,it freezes nicely. We traveled two hours away from home and met a nice young man that was downsizing his ailing parents estate and bringing them to live with him and his wife and children. The price was fair and he helped put it in the back of our truck. Some items we buy through craigslist,we meet some very nice people. 

Our plans at first were to try to check grocery store sale ads,buy on sale,or find a local farmer to visit and buy some whole chickens, pork, some beef. As we talked and we looked around,we came across Nashville Wholesale Meats. We were so excited and bought enough cheese,pork tenderloin,whole chickens,chicken breasts and bacon to keep us busy quite awhile.  Of course, you buy in bulk. No picking out a few items. This was in January and even though we still have a few packages left,we were due for something different.

Seafood,fresh seafood,would be wonderful. So,a couple of weekends ago,we took a trip to North Carolina to see our son on base. We ate out,hung out,and went to the movies. Saturday morning we got up early and headed to Topsail Beach. We lived in Florida for 15 years and since we have moved to Tennessee have really missed the sand, sun,and fresh seafood. I felt more alive knowing the water was right there,wanting to feel the sand between my toes.Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured image Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured imageBut we were not there to swim and lay out on this short trip. We had a cooler in the back of the truck to pick up fresh fish!

Here are some pics of our very fun time shopping at the seafood market! We picked out thick sliced tuna steaks! Big huge grouper! Sea scallops! And a lot of medium shrimp! If this does not make your mouth WATER! Yum-MEeee! Our first meal was seared scallops with freFeatured imagesh mushrooms,red peppers,sliced zucchini,broccoli,and wild long-grain rice.  For a fun appetizer side,our youngest daughter made homemade tortilla chips and served it with corn salsa and chipotle salsa. 

Tonight is bacon! But that is another story,another trip to Nashville Wholesale Meats recently.

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