Rejoicing and Many Prayers

We have a new baby,a brand new girl,all exactly 4 pounds of her adorable determined tiny self. Our daughter went through a lot and was being prepared for a C-Section when she decided no! I’m doing it my way. Her umbilical cord,she wore like a scarf. Wrapped around her neck and one arm. She makes 10 grandchildren for us!

She is in her own little room in the hospital,800 long miles away,not even aware who we are yet,but we are sending a lot of prayers her way. In my thoughts through the night,I pictured her angel beside her at all times,never once leaving her side the minute she was born.

No pictures have been sent yet. The night was hectic,frantic,scary and Momma is strong but tired. So we wait. Wait to see a photo of her show up on our phones. Wait to see when she will be able to go home.Wait to travel to see her in a little over a month.

So we wait. We say many prayers. We rejoice!

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