For Hire or Trade:Gravesite Visits

The tombstones,  I am really drawn. I find them restful and peaceful. No harm meant with these words. I thoroughly enjoy visiting cemeteries. I breathe more calmly. I feel my whole being relax and all stress from this world clear out of my body. I truly enjoy reading what is inscribed on the stones.

I miss going to my brother’s grave and placing flowers on his Shepherd’s Hook. I miss silently recalling memories of the scent of his hair and how gentle was his stare. So the title means I would like to start a new business visiting local cemeteries for those that are unable to get to a loved one’s grave. I recently read of a woman that does this as a side business. She also communicates messages to them and for them. I most definitely do not want to hear voices from those that have left this earth! I will ,however, say any loving words, unloving thoughts, memories, everyday life stories, and updates you want me to as I stand or sit close to them.

I am offering to go place flowers, weed, and take a picture. I can say a prayer, sit down close to the dearly departed and eat a lunch. I can sit silently for awhile, just being respectful, loving, and caring.

The trade part in this title was that through advertising, may a very special person come in to my life that would miraculously contact me.  We then realize they live close to my brother’s grave and I live close to their loved one’s grave, we exchange visits for each other.

The pictures shown here might be in Cades Cove, Methodist Church Cemetery.  I do not live that close to this graveyard, but it is what gave me the first thought for starting this business. I loved the view a visitor here, has. It is beautiful no matter the time of year. It is a good photo view of what you will see during the summer visits. The fall will have an amazing array of colors. Winter will open up the scene even more.

I already enjoy genealogy search and forming family trees. Might this be a new, exciting, fulfilling, adventure not only for myself, but for you!imageFeatured image

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