Read A Book

 Bill Evans.  Music that I can melt right in to. One of my favorite candle flavors burning,Glade Pumpkin Spice. Chores done. Tuna Steaks thawing to be grilled later.   Ready. Set. Relax and Read! The Letters by LUANNE RICE & JOSEPH MONNINGER  I was so sad when I read this book. I finished it within three… Continue reading Read A Book


The Fence

Sat at a gas station for a few minutes before I realized I kind of liked this fence. When I was a teenage girl, I pictured a little yellow house with a white picket fence……chickens running around,my little one’s chasing them. Buffalo that live right down the road…..Donkey on patrol 🙂The fence.To keep us out.To keep… Continue reading The Fence

Images · Rustic


I CAN’T help myself! I am enjoying “seeing” these barns for what they used to be. There are quite a lot of barns like this all around our home that are still being used in some way on these working farms. This one has six donkeys that are guarding the cows and sometimes when I drive… Continue reading Summer:Barns