Read A Book

 Bill Evans.  Music that I can melt right in to.

One of my favorite candle flavors burning,Glade Pumpkin Spice.

Chores done. Tuna Steaks thawing to be grilled later.  

Ready. Set. Relax and Read!



I was so sad when I read this book. I finished it within three days and cried for the parents right up to the ending. We are blessed with our children. They are truly a beautiful gift. I thank the Lord every single morning and night in prayer for each one. I loved the therapy Hadley & Sam received from the letters they decided would be their only communication back and forth as they were physically separating themselves from each other. I love the true love and friendship they shared from the moment they met,to the end of their letters.

I am just getting engrossed in Lost Lake by SARAH ADDISON ALLEN……………Dreary,rainy day out,finds me wrapped in a blanket,reading and relaxing 🙂

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