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Mile Marker #329

Florida Citrus Center. Please say hello to Al as you pay. Very friendly atmosphere. Open and airy.So relaxing and summery feeling,seemed to not be a care in the world. Wind chimes were gently singing so we bought a bamboo one with beautiful flowers of all different colors. The sound is rich and deep. As I walked… Continue reading Mile Marker #329


If You Miss Atlanta

I just thought if you missed Atlanta, I could brighten your day. And bright it was, and warm and beautiful as we passed through. So here are a few pics just for you…. We are passing by at a good clip as anyone that has been through or lives in Atlanta knows, you better not go… Continue reading If You Miss Atlanta


Husband & Wife & ASL

1,000 Words To Sign By Professor Geoffrey S. Poor We are Papaw and Mamaw to a 3 year old grandson that is deaf and we are learning to sign!!!! Our alphabet is much stronger, but we struggled with D and F. Then for some reason I got hung up on U and V.  The desire to learn ASL… Continue reading Husband & Wife & ASL