Husband & Wife & ASL

1,000 Words To Sign By Professor Geoffrey S. Poor

We are Papaw and Mamaw to a 3 year old grandson that is deaf and we are learning to sign!!!!

Our alphabet is much stronger, but we struggled with D and F. Then for some reason I got hung up on U and V.  The desire to learn ASL began when our grandson would touch us to get our attention and then point at lights or trees or an airplane in the sky. But, then he would turn to his Momma and Daddy and sign to them what he saw. This not only broke our hearts at his patience with us, but it woke us up that we had to learn. Since we live a 1000 miles away from them and we do not know anyone to sign with, we decided to get a book from the library and learn together. But to be honest, we barely opened the book. When it was close to us traveling back again to see him, we felt motivated again. We headed to Books-A-Million and purchased our very own book on ASL, American Sign Language. We have realized having our own book, it stays with us at all times and travels wherever we go. It is ours.

To start, we learned the alphabet. And knowing the alphabet has made us laugh. And what I mean by that is, we would spend a couple of hours out in public and we made a rule-NO TALKING OUT LOUD! We could only communicate by signing each word using the alphabet. Now, we are a very talkative couple and we use our hands a lot and I mean A LOT to talk. So picture two people,left arms moving around,right arm spelling words and two impatient people. Being married for almost 22 years and we still have so much to say to each other. The alphabet was slow and caused a lot of laughter. Thank goodness we have started slowly learning whole words. 🙂

helicopter   above    afraid   cat   kiss   apple   candy   together   family   love    baby   sister   brother    grandma   grandpa

These are a few words we have learned!

There is a video in the back of the book and googling words and watching someone else sign to you helps tremendously. What a fun time we are having learning a new language *****Featured image  We Love You!

10 thoughts on “Husband & Wife & ASL

  1. Good for you guys! Rule of sign can be very helpful when learning. I don’t know where you live, but sometimes schools for the deaf or deaf community centers offer outreach classes to the hearing population. Keep up the good work.

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    1. Awww! Thank you so much!!! My husband is a quick learner,I plod along 🙂 but we will get there together. A tutor would be nice. But a blessing is our phones and computer and the video chat apps they offer. We can sign with our grandson ❤


    1. Oh! Thank you!!! I will add this to my phone. Each new word I learn, I teach my husband at night. I am very proud of you both 🙂 I looked up C E D. What a wonderful thing they are doing! Were you teaching and helping there?


    1. Yes!!!It was his 3rd birthday and he does not understand what this means or how to sign this. But!!!! He knows we love him and the sign for it :)))))
      So we sent this pic and some of our family members sent the same pic to him!


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