Sit AWhile With Me

wpid-20150905_122039.jpgCome. Sit awhile. You remember when we first met? I was embarrassed to eat in front of you and you thought I was going to feed you to the geese?

Now look at us! Not all the money in the world. Not any extra time in the day.

We still pray together each morning. We say we love you before we go to sleep. We wake each morning with life’s heartaches walking in, just like everyone else.

Time is trying to rush by, but I thought, if we sat here, maybe we could slow it down.

Together, let’s gather our riches, tell them how much we love them.

How we hope they find someone special to share memories,love. Holding hands through each stage of growing older, like we are.

Do you see what has happened?  Our riches,they grew. Look how beautiful they are. Can you hear their laughter? And,this is wonderful,they are adding to our wealth. Hear those little voices,my love?

So, wherever we are, whenever we go,let’s just make a plan.

Let’s meet back here!  Hold hands. Sit awhile.

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