On the List:Deadlines

This weekend was a quick trip to Florida,driving through the night. We walked for 4 miles the next morning just to clear the foggy brain and calm the jelly legs. We are not spring chickens anymore,so long drives mean we take a couple of days to feel right. Then we picked up some healthy food like chicken,broccoli,sharp cheddar cheese and some fun snack food,chips and dip.

As we began our long drive home,we started another of our famous lists. (A long time ago, I wrote about our lists we love to make together.)  They are hopes and dreams,plus trips and logical things we need to accomplish in a few months. We have made enough of these lists to realize that there were some dreams and goals on there that were continual repeats. Regulars that were attending each of our business meetings or traveling merrily down the road with us. Dreams and goals that need a deadline ,or they are just not going to come true or get done.

If we are traveling,it is golden time. We have no interruptions and the list becomes quite long. If we have no traveling plans in sight, we schedule a business meeting night. We either go to Ruby Tuesdays,back booth,order a drink and appetizer and brainstorm. Or,we hole up in our room,play music,walk around, using our arms and hands a lot to express our excitement for a new idea or ways to improve an old idea.

Now the list is printed out and sits on the desk and also gets to travel in my purse wherever I go. Of all the lists, we never put such strict deadlines on ourselves.

To begin:We listed personal fitness goals and gave a Guess What? Yes, a deadline. Plus,a bonus if we reached this goal within 31 days. I look forward to showing you my gift I will give myself!

:Attend a Writing Seminar (I’ve never been to one before) and apply what I have learned to 2 separate book ideas and write 2 chapters for each idea. Handing them over for inspection by my husband. The deadline-Due in December right before Christmas.

This is just a small part of our list. A very small part of what we wrote out as short term goals with even shorter deadlines. I don’t know if any of you get excited to make one,marking off what you conquer. But, it is exciting to share a small part of what makes for more interesting days and nights as we have to step it up!



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