Advice For A Four Year Old

This morning,Monday,I directed my arrow to Yahoo,clicked to sign in. As I waited to put in my account name, I tried not to glance down to read any upsetting news. I really just wanted to answer an email,drive my granddaughter to preschool,listening to Christmas music and be joyful. 

As a mom and a mamaw,I worry for the safety and happiness of my children and grandchildren. Continually. So sadly, I saw where teenage girls had a sleepover and videod beating a fourteen year old. I could not click the title to read the story. I didn’t need to.

As I drove our tiny little granddaughter to school,I had already said short little prayers for family,while keeping the car trip upbeat for her. Talking about Christmas and coloring. So out of the blue,right after “let’s get french fries after i pick you up!”she asked,an this broke me inside,but I did not show it on the outside-

Mamaw,what if my friends at school try to hurt me?

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