Raising Kenda


Kenda. Dakota. Meaning-Magical Powers

Pickup Date:January 23

Grandparents:GrandPa is a Full Breed Great Pyrenees GrandMa is a Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherd.

Momma is a Border Collie and Daddy takes after the GrandPa in looks. There was no sign of Anatolian Shepherd in him. He was almost 6′ on his hind legs. He loved us and wanted attention. He would jump up on my husband and look him in the eyes. Then he would try to jump up to me. Laughingly though, I had to say no. So he would circle my legs leaning, pushing,and pressing against me. A lot like a cat would.

Kenda is our new puppy.My husband and I are raising our “baby” together. Our children are grown.  But our one daughter lives close enough to help babysit on occasion. And my parents are here to play with ,and help spoil her.  

We had discussed getting a larger breed dog to help guard our small farm we are preparing for. We would like to start with about 10 chickens and a few goats. We live on a small enough piece of land with woods behind us. But we should be able to work with what we have. We would love to move in the fall of this year, our small farm, to a farm that is in need of repair. Kenda should by this time have experience helping guard our home,family,and a small amount of animals.

The night before Day 1-

We call the number listed under Great Pyrenees Puppies For Sale. A kind man answered and said he was sorry but he just had one left, a little girl. We had him on speaker phone and we both said “We want her!” at the same time.

We learned she was born on their goat farm. They have a goat cheese business. He said he had retired and his wife wanted to start raising some goats. He later learned some goats to her were 150. We laughed and felt like he was a happy man who realized quickly that he never had retired. We fell asleep wishing for morning to get here quicker than quick.

Day 1-

We woke at 5 in the a.m. and got on the road. We had an 1 1/2 drive to get to their farm. 

What kind people. Their teenage son met us at the entrance to their farm and told us to drive around back. There we would find his parents and they would take us on a small tour. We learned about not only the characteristics of Great Pyrenees but also their methods on raising and milking goats then processing cheese.

We sampled cheese that she had developed her own recipe and that they sold commercially. We left the back area with plenty of tasty cheese in our bag. And ready to meet our new little puppy!

We saw her running with the chickens and her parents before she saw us. And we were instantly in love. The momma was really ready for her to go but she still let us know fiercely that this was her baby until we took her off the property. The dad was just happy. He wanted the attention,and I pictured if I sat in a chair, he would try to sit on my lap.

We wondered how the car ride would be? Would she get sick? Have accidents? Cry? Cower in the back? She seemed to take it all in stride. She let us know one time that she wanted out. So we stopped at a rest area. We gave her a drink of water and we continued on.

Kenda is wonderful. She is in love with her new life! She shows us in many sweet ways. She is only about 10 weeks old, but she looks at us with those pretty eyes. She runs for you when you walk in the door. She chases you in the yard. She barks “ferociously”,at the fence,guarding us, and then races for the safety of her dog house.

Kenda is a blessing. Sent to us for reasons. All of them not yet discovered.

4 thoughts on “Raising Kenda

  1. Awwww!!! Thank you. You made me smile. My husband left for work,and Kenda wanted to PLAY!!! I just don’t have the time this morning before work and felt bad. But,she loves us and is so connected to our family already,that she calmed down. We are blessed! Have a great day! 🙂


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