Quits the word

Quits the word. Maybe Stop is the word? I really can’t remember. I’m sure our quickly growing Pyrenees believes these are both favorite words of mine. No stopped working the minute I said it. I even tried dragging it out. Noooooooo! When I first said Stop,she froze for a split second,or maybe that was Quit. That’s why I am trying to say both. 

I have been reassuring her she is a good girl. A smart girl. Stroking her beautiful soft fur and telling her how much I love her. At the same time, she is trying to bite me with sharp baby teeth.  Hop around like a bunny and make me laugh so hard then attack with the little teeth again. Maybe she just loves me and likes to hear me laugh. 

Our whole conversation revolves around her. Even when we say that we are not going to talk about her. Not two sentences in, there she is. Kenda is our new conversation card. What DID we use to talk about?  Which is so great! We will be talking our whole life and she will be one of our wonderful memories.

Laughingly, we have started sectioning off our time together…..(and forget we are trying to carve “us time”) when she might sleep,when will she be outside? But, if it is raining, she will want in right away. She is miserable in the rain. She would howl, if she knew how. Instead, she barks and barks and barks and barks. She attacks the fence. Then when she see’s you coming with her pink leash, she sits down in the puddle by the fence, this way she can get really muddy, and she looks forlorn. 

Next comes towel time and attack of the baby monster as I try to get her clean. Then she clumsily and at a slow dash,takes off with the towel. I was chasing her, then I decided this was play time. A sock is too short to play tug of war with. The towel is perfect and wears her out. Nap time! 

I haven’t figured out how long she should nap. I was never good at naps with our children. When they finally fell asleep after me rocking them and singing and rocking for forever,they finally took a nap. Of course, it was much later than they should be laying down and I really should just get them back up or they would not sleep all night. A dog is different. I play with her and wear her out. Then she sleeps and I want to wake her because I really do want to correct this waking up through the night thing. 

Quit is the word. Quit stressing. Quit worrying. Enjoy these wonderful stages of puppy love.


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