The New Alarm Clock

The new “ALARM CLOCK” we purchased January 23 seems to finally be working. She slumbers starting somewhere around 8:30 P.M. Moves around the room a lot less and prefers to sleep in the bathroom. We have a small bathroom, so this quickly growing beast will soon be taking up all the available floor space.

We have begun holding our pee until we can not stand it any longer,wandering down the hall to go to the toilet, or we wait till our new time of 4:30 A.M. to get up. I pray sometimes that my bladder will not blow up. Ha!

She Controls us. The tv stays on all night. She likes it. I expect to wake up and she’ll be watching a movie,eating a big bowl of popcorn! She says when to get up. When we can go to the bathroom. When to lay still in bed,fearing to move,fearing she will want to play all night.

She most definitely says when I can sit down at the computer,on the bed,or on the couch.If I try to sit, she barks non-stop. If I want to be on the computer, I stand. She uses my chair for her front paws. I feel good when I leave for work because I pull out my phone and look at Pinterest, quietly, for a few minutes, like I am doing something sneaky.

Last Tuesday night is the last time we set our phone alarm. Which,by the way, was set at 5 in the A.M. Monday through Friday. Saturday was funny. She doesn’t understand weekends. Just like Lady on the movie, Lady and The Tramp. We are up, showered,dressed,and drinking coffee by 5. All in the day and night of Raising Kenda :0)


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