Cute Laundry

Dirty Laundry to Cute Laundry. Decorating our small laundry area.   I can not even call it a laundry room,because it is about the size of a two door closet. So when we first moved in,and even though at the time we had normal size, old washer and dryer,we still had to take the louvered… Continue reading Cute Laundry


Small Kitchen Organization

Question below-Why are the drawers at the top of the Pie Safe? Our small kitchen and our continual ways of keeping it organized has been quite a daily challenge. The plus to our small cooking and gathering area is we have a back door and a window over the sink. We have a decent amount… Continue reading Small Kitchen Organization


Community Center Finds

Not being much of a garage sale person, I am sure I am missing out on some good finds. So when I find a chance, I stop by our local Community Center. This supports our community when we purchase clothes, household items, books, toys, etc and adds charm to our home. I remember my mom… Continue reading Community Center Finds


SuperHero Vision

When I read my last blog on my Eye “OPEN” Experience, tears sprang up. I have had quite the time with my new eyes. When I say this, it does not mean I have been suffering. I have been enjoying amazing new sight. I am wondering if I will get a SuperHero outfit in the mail.… Continue reading SuperHero Vision