Eye”OPEN” Experience

img_4180.jpgIMG_4180.JPGLiterally, an eye open experience,and I laugh. Ha. Hahahaaaaa. Last Thursday, I had Lasik Surgery. I was in a cold surgery room for about 15 minutes with my eyes pried wide open, (thus,the title) numbed with drops, bright lights, and a laser, no scalpel. Loden Vision,THANK YOU! I loved the whole experience!

I start at the beginning. My husband gave me this wonderful gift of sight. He began saving money and set the whole procedure up. From a complete eye exam, to a meet and greet with the doctor performing the surgery, to surgery itself. Followups for a year….

I enjoy getting my eyes examined. I work hard to be honest when they are asking questions such as, Can you see 1 better than 2? Is 4 better or 3? Our first setback was rather small, but it meant pushing my surgery date further in to the future by a week. My eyes were very dry, so I could not give honest answers to 1 or 2 or 3 or 4. Dry eye happens as you age,yay! (If you have perfect eyesight,you don’t know what I am talking about with the numbers,happy for you!)

I am happy for you,but I have secretly been so very jealous of you when you can just get up, not have to search for your glasses,and clean fingerprints off the lens over and over, see everything close and far,get out of the pool and know where your table is and sit down with the right family. Now I am happy for you and Me, I can see!

Anyway, the morning of the surgery I was too excited to be nervous. I was grinning like the Cheshire Cat. I was up and going when they barely had my full name out.

They took me back to a row of way comfy chairs. They asked if I was nervous,if I would like valium? No, thank you. Ibuprofen, 800 milligrams? No. I was given a wristband,asked to say my name. Paper booties on my shoes and paper cap on my head. Gauze pads taped on my temples to catch any fluids from the drops during surgery. I am sure I was a real beauty.

What really stands out to me the most? As the nurse comes over to ask me to go in to the surgery room, she says to take off my glasses,just leave them on the table. I took them off and realized this was really happening. I was leaving about 40 years of wearing glasses on a table and walking away.

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