SuperHero Vision

img_4187.jpgWhen I read my last blog on my Eye “OPEN” Experience, tears sprang up. I have had quite the time with my new eyes. When I say this, it does not mean I have been suffering. I have been enjoying amazing new sight. I am wondering if I will get a SuperHero outfit in the mail. It will probably have a huge eye on the front and little eyes all over the cape.

I am having a sweet memory. I was on the surgery table freezing. I thought it must be 40 degrees in there. Even the staff that was assisting, were rubbing their hands together and walking back and forth trying to warm up. Come to find out, it is 70 degrees, but they are constantly pumping the air through so the flow never stops. Then the surgeon says,”Lay completely still now”. I came to find out my body will only obey my brain through laser procedure on one eye!

For my right eye, they took what looked like a hard contact on a wand and a tube of fluid connected to a thin hose to rinse my eye. He positioned my head,lowered the laser and 5 little bright lights also appeared and a red light which I was to look at the entire time. My eye was then given some numbing drops and I believe more dilating drops and the hard contact was pressed to my eye and pushed down to hold my eye open and steady. I felt fluid, I saw the laser pen (no scalpel) come close to open a flap in my eyeball and then I was asked to hold my eye right on the red light for 20 seconds. There was a loud series of pounding noises and I really thought I saw the inside of my eye like a skeleton version. Then more fluid, the laser pen must have reappeared to close the flap, then a short break to check the numbers for my left eye.

By this point, I am neither nervous or worried, but I am relaxing so I forget to chant,”You are not cold. You can not shake. You are not cold. You can not shake”. So the right eye took two times to adjust the hard contact and that is the only slight uncomfortable pressure I felt the entire 15 minutes for both eyes, that I was in the surgery room.

Here is where the sweet memory comes in. The nurse walks over and asks me to swing my legs to the left of the table and follow her back out to my comfy chair. She tells me to go ahead and open my eyes. I CAN SEE MY BOOTY covered SHOES! I am asked to keep my eyes shut for 15 minutes. They bring me hot coffee and inside I am doing cartwheels and jumping up and down.

When I am close to leaving, the surgeon checks my eyes. A nurse gives me a care package of candy,Loden Vision cups, popcorn, and 3 Redbox movie codes. She goes over my instructions for the ride home, my long nap I am to take when I arrive,pain medicine and sleeping pill prescriptions,and the next two weeks what to expect.

Then, I stand and make my exit. My husband is clicking pics and I think of movies when they run to fall in to each other’s arms. We are both smiling from ear to ear and then we head out in to the sunniest day ever. I rode the entire time with my black sweatshirt over my head. I was sure light was bursting in somehow!

I napped kind of, but I had to wear the goggles they gave me all day and then 7 nights after, and they just were not fun. I obeyed each command and never had pain except a slight burning sensation during my nap that lasted a few minutes. I shielded water from eyes for two weeks. I wore the goggles if I was cleaning someone’s house and I did not wear any eye makeup, which I don’t wear often to begin with. I also kept using the preservative-free eye drops and medicated eye drops.

New technology.

What a blessing to experience scalpel free eye surgery.

Loden Vision Center LASIK Eye Surgery


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