Community Center Finds

2016-06-17-09-34-22.jpgNot being much of a garage sale person, I am sure I am missing out on some good finds. So when I find a chance, I stop by our local Community Center. This supports our community when we purchase clothes, household items, books, toys, etc and adds charm to our home.

I remember my mom being excited about shopping from the Avon book since I was a little girl. So when I turned down, what I call the knick-knack aisle, I grabbed up the little green pitcher and bowl. It always looked so feminine in her bathroom. One person referred it as Slag Glass. I have not heard of slag glass,so I will be looking that up. From the 1970’s, I am assuming. The pitcher is marked Avon 8 and the bowl, Avon 23. I thought my mom had lotion in her’s. This one appears to have had cologne. I did not realize there were different one’s. Avon did well making this pretty little one.

I had never seen the dog pipe. The tag on the bottom says Avon Bloodhound Pipe. Wild Country After Shave. Looking it up, most pictures said it was made in 1976. The box it came in looked manly. A cigar filled box to the side,and what I am assuming was a Native American sitting beside a barrel with a Native American kneeling in front of the barrel.

When I searched for information on the carriage, I found it was called Avon Royal Coach, Vintage, from 1972 filled with MoonWind foaming bath oil. I thought of Cinderella when I saw this. A special favorite Disney movie to me. Avon had a classy way of packaging their products and it came in a white box with a royal blue stamp of a gold coach. When I opened it, the smell was beautiful still.

Just thought this might bring fond memories to all!! Flasback Friday

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