Small Kitchen Organization

Question below-Why are the drawers at the top of the Pie Safe?

Our small kitchen and our continual ways of keeping it organized has been quite a daily challenge. The plus to our small cooking and gathering area is we have a back door and a window over the sink. We have a decent amount of cabinets but a flashlight is needed for three of the cabinets that run deep. Heaven forbid we lose something back there.

The refrigerator is on the short side. I am 5’4 1/2″ and I can look over the top of it. Packing leftovers,and not to mention,regular food items a family of four likes to have in the frig can be a balancing act. We took out the bottom shelf and can better stack our leftovers for a couple of days in plastic containers and large and small ziplock bags.unspecified2.jpg

We sit with the back side of the house facing north and the woods behind our yard. There is decent lighting if we leave the back door open on a clear day, but never direct sunlight. The cabinets are dark wood and if we were not renting, they would be painted a cheery yellow to give a more welcoming sunny feeling. This would help to make it appear less cramped and dark. There is no built in pantry. Plus, we have an oblong table and four chairs.

Our first purchase was a 5 tier wire shelf and 4 wicker baskets. The cabinets, although not packed full, we enjoy them being neat, knowing each pot,pan,plate,cup,bowl etc. has it’s place. So we were not going to try to shove pantry items in to one cabinet and make do.  The shelving has helped to hold our toaster, microwave, juice, sodas,and the baskets. The baskets,we found they were too heavy to hold and slide forward,canned goods and jars of oil.

Then, we bought an upright freezer to hold the meat we buy in bulk, like chicken,bacon,pork tenderloin,seafood,and steaks. This made it possible to keep our small freezer filled with a few bags of leftover stews and soups,ice cube trays,and not cover up the vent so our food would freeze properly. Then any other purchases like waffles,corndogs,pizzas,pie shells,ice cream could all be bought in larger quantity and placed in the large freezer. This has saved us money and each shelf has been separated for the different meats. The bottom is one large drawer which I love for all the bags of veggies I like to keep on hand for my recipes. The door holds extra butter,bread,flour,sugar,and corn meal.

This still did not solve our pantry problem. We tried to balance everything on the shelving, but wanting to stock our “pantry” this was too difficult,not enough room,and not safe. We were at an auction and I saw a PIE SAFE! I feel in love with the thought of it sitting in our kitchen with the shelves and the freezer, but looking so pretty with it’s glass doors and sides.

Our pie safe fits perfectly beside them and still has room for us to open the back door. When googling Pie Safe, Wikipedia said it had been called not only Pie Safe, but Pie Chest, Pie Cupboard, Kitchen Safe, and Meat Safe. My mother had one in her kitchen till she was a teenager, but it had wooden doors and no drawers. I have always wanted one with holes in the tin with homemade pies in them. Our Pie Safe has been a great purchase. We have a lot we could still fit in it safely. On the top I store a couple of pretties and some of my cookbooks. The drawers are a mystery. Why would they put them up top? I can not see in them. Some of the other pie safe’s have drawers on the bottom. The legs are long enough that it allows for extra storage below.

Our kitchen stays much more organized. We can find and see our food items better, so leftovers get eaten. And we can make a grocery list much quicker. A place for everything and everything in its place I’ve heard. Keeping our kitchen organized!


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