Fwied Wice

We love to say Fwied Wice in our kitchen.

I’m making fwied wice,come and get it!

Our Marine came home for a blessed visit and I asked him to start listing off the meals he wanted. One night I decided to make shrimp kabobs and rice, oops, wice. Here is a pic.2016-05-18-19-22-08.jpgIt was so delicious and easy to make. My husband helped since I had only made it a few times and blogged about it maybe…..8^’))

Make the amount of rice you want. While the rice begins to cook, start dicing up your veggies. I use yellow or white onion, green onions,garlic cloves,carrots and peas.

Then grab your skillet or wok,add canola oil and as it begins to warm up on medium high, add your garlic and white or yellow onion and watch them begin to turn pretty. Add the carrots and continue to cook,turning the burner to medium. I like my carrots still a bit crunchy and even though I continue to cook for awhile, adding my other ingredients, they seem to turn out perfect.

When your rice is cooked,add it to your vegetable mixture and turn your skillet up so you can scramble a couple of eggs. Just push everything to the side, crack the eggs and begin to stir,scrambling,ending up mixing everything together.

**The change I made to this dish because I was cooking for someone with diabetes-I omitted the peas and used brown rice.**


4 thoughts on “Fwied Wice

  1. That’s something we have a lot too. I didn’t grow up with it but learned from a college roommate from Thailand. I always think of her as I make it. I don’t add as much red pepper as she did though. šŸ™‚

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