Cute Laundry

Dirty Laundry to Cute Laundry. Decorating our small laundry area.


2016-06-17-08-29-47.jpgI can not even call it a laundry room,because it is about the size of a two door closet. So when we first moved in,and even though at the time we had normal size, old washer and dryer,we still had to take the louvered doors and the wood trim off. We could barely get them inside,hooked up,and plugged in.

We tried putting the dark wood doors back on,but this made this tiny space seem so dark and like a cave. When I opened the doors, I braced myself to jump like a cave monster might be hiding on the dryer. Those came off and we tried hanging curtains. This made for a depressing look that we passed several times in a day.

The walls and the long shelf were painted white. So when the curtains were down,anyone saw a plain white laundry area. Which is okay for some people if they have a walk in laundry room and window with pretty curtains.

First, we picked a happy blue sky paint and painted the walls and the shelf.  Then we took scraps of wood and cut them in to different lengths.  I went on Pinterest to find “CUTE LAUNDRY” room sayings and enjoyed trying my hand at stenciling.

Then,not wanting to place chemicals under the kitchen sink because of grandbabies,we organized the shelf. We lost any type of door or curtain. We hung a cute bag for stuffing plastic bags in. Now, when we walk by,it is our small,cute,organized laundry area.


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