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Disney Springs Remembering Past Treasures – Pooh Corner


My favorite Disney Character? Well,he is warm and soft and filled with fluff. He loves honey and his best friend is Piglet. As a little girl, I was beyond spoiled. I would only wear clothes from Disney and they had to have Winnie the Pooh on the tag.


As you can see by my smile, I was quite content to just stay the day at Pooh Corner. I did grow up and not all of my clothes have to have Pooh on the tag. This shirt was a Pirate’s of the Caribbean. I might have purchased it at Magic Kingdom.

Pooh  Corner is no longer at what we so fondly called Downtown Disney. And the name is now Disney Springs. If you have not been for awhile,you need to go shopping.

Sept 2011

Pooh Corner was closed for refurbishment early in 2011 and eventually replaced in the Marketplace with a general character merchandising store in the above September 2011 map with store number 51.  We fondly recall many fun times in Pooh Corner and hope you can recall too seeing all of Pooh’s friends ready for purchasing and playing!

Can you recall traveling into Pooh Corner, please share your stories with us.

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