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Disney Springs Classic Ghiradelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop Always a Treat!


Like the Earl of Sandwich,Ghirardelli’s is a happening place to eat and drink. Everyone has been shopping and nice cold ice cream is definitely needed or wanted or both! And one little thing I found nice was they had little paper cups so you good get a complimentary drink of water. A great memory our family has is of our son then 2,now 20. We got him an ice cream cone and could not help laughing as we watched the ice cream flowing down his arms. It was melting quicker than he could eat it,and he was giving us the look of “What is Happening here??” Cool off and relax in a fun and happy atmosphere at Ghirardelli. They offer both inside (few) and outside seating. You can alywas take your treat and enjoy the surroundings as you enjoy the rest of Disney Springs.


Ghiragelli Chocolate Company was incorporated back in 1852 by it’s founder Italian chocolatier Domenico Ghiradelli.  Domenico had worked his way to America after working in South America, and settled in California with thoughts of the gold rush in San Francisco.

Thank goodness he turned his attention to the making of fine chocolates!  Disney Springs Ghiradelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop offers in a separate area 27 varieties of fine chocolates in bar and other forms.  Catch it at the right time and you will be offered a free sample of the variety of the day.  Along with the chocolates, they serve coffess and specialty drinks to make your day.  Of course the Ice Cream shop does not require much explanation, just go and find out for yourself how good Ghiradelli really is.


Do you have a special memory of time at Disney Springs Ghiradelli’s Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop?  Please share with us.

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