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Disney Springs Food Value at Earl of Sandwhich


With the concept of John Montague, 11th Earl of Sandwich, Disney Springs saw the opening of the first Earl of Sandwich restaurant in March of 2004 located in what was then Downtown Disney Marketplace.  John and his father are direct descendants of the 4th Earl of Sandwich, with whom is credited making sandwich’s a popular food among the United Kingdom. Thanks to John and his business partners, an affordable, exciting place to eat for everyone came about.

The restaurant saw immediate success and a popular following due to the innovative ordering process and the healthy foods offered.  The chain has seen openings worldwide since and continues to improve both the menu selection, and  dining experience.

images.pngEat at Earl of Sandwich, you will be treated to a special experience at a decent price! Expect long lines,the buzz of happy voices, and people walking around waiting to snag a table. A recommndation is to split up during the ordering process to find the seating arrangements best for your crew.  Try the Tuna Melt, it is our favorite!

Have you had a positive experience at Earl of Sandwhich, please tell us about it!

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