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American Bison-Heritage and Beauty

  It is something exhilerating when you see the American Bison or buffalo.  A part of our history, and long legacy with the Native American and early western settlers. Once roaming the grasslands of North America in large herds.   They became nearly extinct in the 1900’s with the overhunting and expansion to the west.… Continue reading American Bison-Heritage and Beauty

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Thankful, as a child…

Sometimes it takes just a simple reminder how to allow yourself to be thankful. To be appreciative of the love from others. To show that appreciation and excitement  to those who thought of us and took the time to do for us something special.   One of our incredible grandchildren recently turned five years old… Continue reading Thankful, as a child…

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WDW-Epcot-Stuck in a Telephone Box

Spread out the map. Pack the bags. Get on the plane. We are going to another part of the world. Stop in at the pub. Rose & Crown that is. Don’t be intimidated. Rather, be bold loud and persistent when attempting to order at the bar! Anything less and you may go thirsty! Order fish… Continue reading WDW-Epcot-Stuck in a Telephone Box

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To the beat of the drums…

At Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom park feel the heat as the drums beat. Hear the sounds of their land as animal’s are all around. Silhouette’s of their profile on the horizon as the sun sets. Listen as the hands pull you in to dance together in peace which defines the purpose of the drums,the Djembe.… Continue reading To the beat of the drums…

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Exotic Morocco full of magic

During your next visit to the EPCOT, be certain to travel to the exotic pavilion of Morocco. Morocco was one of the initial pavilions opened back in 1984 for the EPCOT World Showcase and it carries the magic of this far away land. Jasmine and Aladdin are you near…? Morocco offers three dining options and… Continue reading Exotic Morocco full of magic

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Soar away at the Flights of Wonder

Take time while at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom to catch the Flights of Wonder.  It is an exciting and informative show for the entire family. It is located in the Asia section, across from the Tree of Life, sheltered by the towering trees. Let your mind be taken away to exotic places as you soar… Continue reading Soar away at the Flights of Wonder

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Great Expectations in Magic Kingdom

All the distance has been traveled, and the traffic has gone away.  Stepping out considering all the time and energy planning and preparing for this trip.   Looking up and thinking of all the excitement and fun soon to be… Check us out at and follow us on Pinterest.