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Take time to speak and listen – A Family Prayer Tree


We have started our first family prayer tree!  Following a fun trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom this past spring, we decided to replicate in our own way a prayer tree.  A tree to encourage us to take a moment in our hectic life and spend it in prayer for our family, our friends, our world.

Located in the Anandapur Asian section of the park is a prayer tree that has been draped with new and old cloths to represent the memory of loved ones who passed away.

IMG_2210.JPGIn our backyard, located in  a quiet corner of the woods is a place we have created to reach out to God.  Reaching out for thanksgiving, reaching out for help, reaching out for guidance.





We have enjoyed seeing the trees in our yard as they change with the seasons.  Seeing the life and support that they provide the birds and small animals. Now when we look, we also see special prayers spoken for others. Many that have been answered!  We all need to make time to speak with and to listen.



Do you have a special way to remind yourself to take time to pray, please share your story.

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