Keep putting another foot forward

Spending the past weekend teaching our grandson how to ride his first bicycle reminded us of how difficult it is at times to learn new things IMG_4976.JPGand start new habits.


Shilo wanted so badly to jump on the new bike and wheel around the driveway.  To go around and around and have so much fun.  Trouble was that at first he was not strong enough, or at least he didn’t think he was.  Then it was learning how to get on and get it going, and understanding all the other things around while riding.



Life can have these moments, even for us adults.   Times when we are attempting to get a new business off the ground, to start a new exercise routine, or to get ourselves out of a current routine.  Excitement comes thinking about all the possibilities and we can see ourselves changing and doing the things we desire. But changes require us to grow and become stronger in areas where we currently are weak.  It may also require us to eliminate something in our current life to make the time to practice and get better. Changes are not always easy and usually do not come without a cost.

With time, as he attempted to get up on the bike, it became easier and easier.  The confidence within him grew.  The attitude of “I can do this” came to the surface.  Not thinking about the things he was doing in the past, and the things around him now, he was focused on what he wanted to do. The bike sped along with ease. The strength in him extended far beyond his little legs.  Shilo had started a new journey, one that will take him many places over the course of his life.


Our experiences can have the same results, if we keep on trying.  Never losing the faith in ourselves and in our dreams.  It may take several times and trials.  We may stumble, we may fall, but we should never give up. Each time we try it will become easier.  We will grow in the strength and knowledge we need to make the changes in our life become a reality. Change is not always easy.  With effort, faith and hard work, we can improve our lives every day if we keep putting another foot forward.

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