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Soar away at the Flights of Wonder


Take time while at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom to catch the Flights of Wonder.  It is an exciting and informative show for the entire family. It is located in the Asia section, across from the Tree of Life, sheltered by the towering trees. Let your mind be taken away to exotic places as you soar with their beauty and stories.


There will be performances by a variety of birds.  Some that fly overhead and others that remain onstage to help the Cast Members with their part of the story.








This wonderful show lasts around 30 minutes with a focus on where these animals came from and what is occuring in those regions to their ecosystems. Conservation is a key theme throughout Disney’s Animal Kingdom, which is continued throughout the performance with stories of these magnificant birds areas and how each of us can do our part.




The backdrop for this story lays in the ruins of the Maharajah’s rule, providing excellant hiding places and perches for the birds.




During especially warm or wet days take refuge from the elements with the canvas cover providing shade and protection.

There are several show times throughout the day, plan to fly by and have an adventure!


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